inizia 1



The Inizia 1 family is equipped with proven Bernafon proprietary ChannelFreeTM technology. Combined with adaptive features, this provides improved speech intelligibility and listening comfort. The Inzia 1 hearing instrument is the perfect choice to fulfill basic hearing needs both in noisy and in quiet environments, and it is available at an affordable price.


Technical features
  1. ChannelFree TM signal processing
  2. 8 kHz frequency bandwidth
  3. Fixed or omni directionality
  4. Adaptive Noise Reduction in 4 bands with 2 control states
  5. Adaptive Feedback Canceller
  6. Multi-environment program
  7. Advanced Soft Noise Management with 2 controls

Personalization Features
  1. Lifestyle Profile
  2. 3 listening program options
  3. Up to 3 program memories
  4. Attractive design with a variety of colors and styles
  5. Optional DAI / FM adapter

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