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Category 1 solutions facilitate entry into the world of quality hearings aids. They offer natural sound perception and speech understanding in environments with steady background noise.

The perfect choice for people looking for better hearing and quality technology at an affordable price.

With Nevera 1...

Focus on natural sound

Focus on good speech

Focus on wearing comfort

Fit for your ears

The wide range of different hearing aid styles and acoustic options allows you, with the help of your hearing care professional, to choose the perfect solution for you.

Fit for any lifestyle

Selected Features

ChannelFree TM

High-quality sound in all listening situations is provided thanks to ChannelFree TM signal processing. Natural and accurate amplification makes communication easier.

Automatic Directionality

Good speech understanding and speech intelligibility in environments with low or steady background noise is enhanced by Automatic Directionality.

Adaptive Noise Reduction Plus

A moderate reduction of annoying background noise is achieved without compromising speech understanding for a more comfortable wearing experience.

Nevara 1 BTE P


The BTE P is designed especially for when you need extra power for severe to profound hearing losses. Despite its power, the BTE P comes in a compact and contemporary design.


The BTE P is built to go the distance together with you. All key components are hydrophobic coated to repel liquid and provide a high degree of protection against dust and moisture.


The P BTE is available in five attractive color combinations. There are discreet as well as more prominent colors to choose from, to appeal to your preferences.

Remote control

The remote control RC-N makes changing volume or program settings easy, particularly if you find it difficult to do on the hearing aid behind or in the ear. Combining the RC-N with your hearing aids guarantees you a first class hearing experience.


Zerena 9

A premium hearing solution
that marks a quantum leap to
the new dynamics of hearing
with DECS technology.

Zerena 7

A sophisticated hearing
solution with DECS TM
technology for seamless and
boundless hearing.

Zerena 5

A hearing instrument for
many environments,
providing great sound quality
with DECS TM technology.

Saphira 3

An impressive range of styles
and options will help you
enjoy life's precious