The Joy of Sound
Zerena 5

Sounds that fit

Advanced technology in the mid-range Category 5 hearing aids makes a difference. Natural sound perception and enhanced speech understanding make conversations more comfortable and less tiring.

The perfect choice for people who want listening to be easier and more comfortable.

With Zerena 5...

Focus on speech
understanding in noise

Focus on the elimination of
undesired loud background

Focus on high comfort in any
listening situation

Fit for your ears

The wide range of different hearing aid styles and acoustic options allows you, with the help of your hearing care professional, to choose the perfect solution for you.

Selected Features


Dynamic Speech Processing TM or DSP TM amplifies the signal based on level and the signal-to-noise information. No matter how the listening environment changes, the hearing aid will respond appropriately for optimized speech understanding.

Transient Noise Reduction

This feature immediately suppresses undesired, unexpected, and impulsive loud sounds such as the rustling of newspaper, the blow from a hammer, or silverware clattering. Hear accurately and comfortably in conditions where intrusive transient noise is present.

Adaptation Manager

Not everyone is prepared to wear their new hearing aids fully programmed to the prescribed amplification right away. With the Adaptation Manager, clients can have the full prescription straight away, or they can have a period of time where the gain is gradually and automatically increased to their prescribed level.

Zerena 5

BTE 105

This is Bernafon's powerful, most advanced hearing aid for users with mild to profound hearing losses. It is a Made for iPhoneR hearing aid and supports BluetoothR Low Energy (BLE) at 2.4 GHz which allows for direct-to-ear streaming.

Protected Against Moisture and Dirt

Moisture and dirt can damage your hearing aids. A hydrophobic coating of all key components repels liquids and blocks unwanted pollutants. This makes you feel confident in a multitude of hearing conditions.


The BTE 105 is available with an earhook and compatible with the miniFit thin tube system for use with a variety of custom molds and domes. Choose from a wide range of options for best fit and sound quality, taking personal preferences into account.

Get connected

our hearing aid is a Made for iPhoneR hearing aid and allows for direct communication and control with an iPhoneR, iPadR, or iPodR touch. A range of wireless accessories are also available to enhance the use of your hearing aid and enable you to hear and communicate better in everyday situations. Wirelessly connect to a remote control, TV, and more.

TV Adapter

With the TV-A, the sound from the TV is streamed directly to Zerena hearing aids with 2.4 GHz technology. Dolby Digital Stereo is now supported and pairing to an unlimited number of Zerena hearing instruments is fast and easy.


Zerena 9

A premium hearing solution
that marks a quantum leap to
the new dynamics of hearing
with DECS technology.

Zerena 7

A sophisticated hearing
solution with DECS TM
technology for seamless and
boundless hearing.

Saphira 3

An impressive range of styles
and options will help you
enjoy life's precious

Nevara 1

Convincing sound quality and
advanced features make this
entry-level hearing aid a
sound solution.