Common Myths and Facts about Hearing Aids

15th Jul, 2019

Are you planning to buy a new hearing aid for you? Before you make any decision, here are some major common myths and misconceptions regarding hearing aids:-

Myth: You don’t need a hearing aid if you have a mild hearing loss.

The fact is that everyone’s listening needs are different, so they need hearing aids as per the loss percentage.

Myth: Hearing aids can help in recovering from hearing loss.

The fact is that hearing aids doesn’t help in recovering your hearing loss they only help in letting you hear and talk with others.

Myth: Hearing Aids can affect your natural hearing

The fact is that any hearing aid that fits you will never affect your hearing.

Myth: Hearing aids only benefit people of a particular age group.

The fact is that hearing aids can help you connect with the world and help you in hearing well at any age. Buy Bernafon hearing aids today and start hearing your loved ones.

Myth: Only people with higher hearing loss needs hearing aid and treatment.

The Fact is that you need to get tested for getting your actual degree of hearing loss. Even mild hearing loss can make it more difficult to communicate with your colleagues. Your hearing specialist can suggest your best hearing aid as per the level if your hearing loss.

Myth: Hearing loss does not affect the rest of the body healthy.

The Fact is that an untreated hearing loss increases the chances of getting depression, social isolation, cognitive decline and dementia fall. Researchers have proven that treating hearing loss with hearing aids can reverse some of these health problems.

Myth: Hearing aids are too expensive to buy:

The Fact is that there are several levels of hearing aid technology and your hearing specialist can advise you on which would work best for you. According to hearing loss level you can choose your hearing aid at a reasonable rate from Bernafon India.