Facts about Hearing Loss

2nd Jul, 2019

If you need to learn more about hearing loss for yourself or someone important to you, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Bernafon, we are dedicated to hearing loss, our mission is to educate people about hearing loss and its implications with unbiased, easy-to-understand help pages, articles and news features. We also connect with thousands of people who need hearing help to qualified hearing care professionals through our online and offline help across India.

The cause of a particular hearing loss is important to understand since it factors heavily into determining the right treatment. There are many causes of hearing loss and some causes are responsible for only certain types of hearing loss. For example, earwax blocking the ear canal causes a temporary conductive hearing loss while prolonged exposure to excessively loud noise causes permanent sensor neural hearing loss.

The symptoms of hearing loss can vary depending on the type of hearing loss, the cause of hearing loss, and the degree of loss.

Here, we have listed certain facts on hearing loss that will surely help you to cope up with the situation in an effective way. 

1) Most people with hearing loss experience a decrease in the clarity of speech, even when it is loud enough. Though a person may “hear” what you say, they may not always understand all the words. Or, they may confuse some sounds with others

2) Background noise makes understanding extremely difficult, even for people with normal hearing. For those with hearing loss, the problem is even worse

3) Some people might feel embarrassed about their hearing loss. Some may pretend to understand when they don't

4) Hearing loss can be mistaken for confusion in older people. Make sure that a thorough hearing test is part of any health evaluation

·The average delay between the time someone is affected by hearing loss and when they finally seek treatment is a long 7 years

1) Untreated hearing loss is associated with lower quality of life, depression, social isolation, unemployment and lower earnings at work, higher medical bills for other health issues, high blood pressure and an even higher risk of dangerous trips and falls. Hearing loss can have far-reaching implications for you and those close to you

Pat yourself on the back for taking this very important first step to learning some facts about hearing loss. We know that if you have hearing loss yourself or if someone close to you is affected, the feeling must be overwhelming and this blog was indeed helpful.