Part 2 - Important Tips for Better Hearing

20th July, 2023

While Hearing on the telephone

- Hold the receiver close to the microphone inlet of your hearing instrument. If this causes whistling move the receiver away a small distance or consult your Hearing Care Professional.

- Do not rest the receiver on the hearing instrument as this may make the instrument whistle

- Better use telicoil if voices over telephone is too soft or background noise is creating problems in hearing

- In case you are using Behind-the-Ear hearing instrument with a telecoil make sure to activate it and hold the phone behind the ear, next to your hearing instrument.

- If you have an In-the-Ear hearing instrument with a telecoil, place the telephone receiver next to your hearing instrument

- If you are using an instrument without an M/T-Switch check with your hearing expert as to whether your instrument can be fitted with a telecoil.

- Depending on the instrument you are using, telecoil function may also be switched ON/OFF with a remote control

- Volume control on phones may be necessary for the people who have higher level of hearing loss

- With the hearing instrument in telecoil mode, digital mobile phones might cause interference. In this case the microphone mode (M) will give a better hearing result.

While Hearing on Mobile telephones:

- Always remember to test the mobile telephone before purchasing it because Digital mobile telephone systems may cause electrical interference in hearing instruments. 

- To test the mobile phone take it to the area where it is receiving and transmitting at full power which u can find on display of mobile phones.