Inizia 3 | 1

The Inizia I family is equipped with proven Bernafon proprietary ChannelFreeTM technology. Combined with adaptive features, this provides improved speech intelligibility and listening comfort. The Inizia I hearing intrument is the perfect choice to fulfil basic hearing needs both in noisy and in quiet environments, and it is available at an affordable price.

With Inizia

Technical Features
  • ChannelFree TM signal processing
  • 8 kHz frequency bandwidth
  • Fixed or omni directionality
  • Adaptive Noise reduction in 4 bands with
  • 2 control states
  • Adaptive Feedback Canceller
  • Multi-environment program
  • Advance Soft Noise Management with 2 controls
Personalization Features
  • Lifestyle profile
  • 3 listening program options
  • Up to 3 program memories
  • Attractive design with a variety of colors and styles
  • Optional DAI / FM adapter