What our customers have to say

Sasidharan P (MASLP)

Consultant Audiologist & Clinical Specialist in Cochlear Implants, Dr. Manoj's ENT Superspeciality Institute & Research Centre, Kerala

Bernafon’s Zerena IIC hearing aid, due to its relatively deep placement in the ear canal provides excellent fitting, sound quality and cosmetic appeal.
The microphone of the IIC sits deep inside the ear canal. This would add to the sound quality and gain due to the relatively better natural resonant frequency. The sound quality is usually appreciated by people during the first fitting session itself.
We recommend this tiny hearing aid device to only those who can take care of the device appropriately.

Dr C. G. Praveen Kumar

Ph.D from National Institute of Mental Health& Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore

Zerena is the best in class from Bernafon till now, being the Bernafon channel partner for years, we witnessed that features of Zerena like wireless, tech-friendly, DECSTM and all this available at an affordable price makes it unique in itself. Our end-users are loving Zerena experience. It is all about as we promised, “Seamless & Boundless hearing anytime, anywhere”

Ms Suma Harindra

Senior Consultant Audiolohist, Amrav ENT Care, Mysore

The idiom that "action always speaks louder than words"is aptly associated with Bernafon Zerena hearing aids. The advent of DECS technology makes the already good Bernafon hearing aids truly impressive.
All my Bernafon Zerena users have consistently been in praise of clarity of speech even in noisy environments.
This has resulted in very good patient satisfaction and great value for money, leaving both the profession person and the end user HAPPY !!

Mrs Shilpi Garg

Audicomm, Hearing Speech & Rehabilitation Centre

The right hearing aid requires the right style, features and accessories. Most importantly the hearing aids must treat your specific hearing loss. Additionally, it should match your lifestyle and ZERENA from Bernafon has all of this. Our patients are happy with their new Zerena hearing devices, loves the sound, works with the phone, TV and allows them to communicate with friends and family easily. No complaint yet. Most of my patients are active in their job and it has worked for them at all time. They are thankful to ZERENA from Bernafon.

Mr. Rajesh Ranjan

BSc (Speech & Hearing) AIISH, MysoreNalanda Speech & Hearing Centre (Gorakhpur)

Hearing loss comes in many forms and is unique to your situation. It may be something you're born with, it may be a result of an event in your life, or it may just be due to a natural degradation of your hearing as you age. Types of hearing loss are varied, too. Whatever the cause, though, it's important for you to have the best hearing aid for your specific situation. I would personally recommend Zernea hearing Aids offeredby Bernafon India because they are made up advanced Swiss based channel Free Technology and comes in very affordable price range.