Bernafon Hearing Aids In India

Established in 1946, Bernafon has been helping people to hear and communicate better. The aim is to provide quality hearing aids in India so that people can live their life with confidence irrespective of the surroundings. Bernafon had come to India around 15 years back through their channel partner, Hearing Aid Centre that has 55 years of experience in the hearing aid industry. Hearing aids by Bernafon uses swiss technology which makes it more than just an amplification device and gives a clear perception of the sounds around. Hearing loss can have a big impact, especially in situations where speech understanding is key and background noise is present. Recognizing the symptoms of hearing loss is important. It takes knowledge and information about the hearing aids to cater to the hearing loss. Here at Bernafon, we assist you right from taking a hearing test to find the right hearing aid that best matches your hearing loss, cosmetic preferences, and individual needs.

With the main headquarter in Bern, Switzerland. Bernafon has 4 regional offices in India and more than 200 channel partners in India and South Asian countries. Bernafon hearing aid dealers provide services like customization, sales, services, and repair in India.

Our motto:

Together we empower people to hear and communicate better
Our brand purpose is the cornerstone of our business strategy and our commitment to the difference we aspire to make in the world – it’s both our starting point and our destination.

Products and Technology

We commit to the difference we aspire to make in the world with high-performance products, leading technology, and outstanding support. Bernafon audiologists and product specialists at our headquarters define innovative functionality for Bernafon hearing aids, fitting software, apps, and connectivity devices.
Bernafon hearing aid features ChannelFree™ Proprietary technology that produces the highest rated sound quality for speech and music when compared to hearing aids at a similar price range.


A hearing is the ability to perceive sound by detecting vibrations through the ear. Our ability to hear and understand connects us with people. Hearing is a sense that is often taken for granted but at Bernafon we take it seriously and are passionate about your hearing. Without good-hearing abilities, communication and social collaborations get restricted and quality of life suffers significantly. Predominantly, hearing loss is a natural part of growing old; just as most elderly people require reading glasses. While there are different types of hearing loss but presbycusis (loss of hearing that occurs gradually as one age) is the most common one, in 9 out of 10 cases, hearing loss is age-related.

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What is hearing loss ?

Hearing loss is a natural consequence of getting older. It can start in our 30s or 40s and by the time we reach our 80s, more than half of us suffer from substantial hearing loss with some social, psychological, and physical problems.
How do we measure hearing loss? The severity of a hearing loss depends on how loud a sound must be before an individual hears it. Hearing losses are categorized as mild, moderate, severe, and profound.
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Sensor-neural hearing loss occurs as a natural part of growing older; it accounts for about 90% of all hearing loss. It is commonly caused by damage to the inner ear (the cochlea) by exposure to loud sounds, head injuries, genetics, diseases, tumors, and certain powerful medications. Conductive hearing loss is another type where a mechanical problem in the outer or middle ear interferes with the transmission of sound waves to the inner ear.
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Find a suitable solution

Try the different hearing aid performance categories and find the one that meets your needs.

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Visit a hearing center

Contact a hearing care professional for an assessment of your needs and preferences.

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Get your hearing tested regularly

If you are concerned about your hearing, test it with a qualified hearing care professional.

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