A New Perspective in Hearing

For severe hearing losses

How we experience the world depends a lot on our perspective. Sometimes, changing our perspective changes our interpretation of the situation. Other times, changing our perspective makes the impossible seem possible.

The Supremia Super Power BTE (Behind-The-Ear) is Bernafon's strongest hearing aid, offering adults and children with a severe to profound hearing loss a new perspective in hearing.

With Supremia 7 | 3...

Focus on good speech

Focus on connectivity to
BluetoothR devices

Focus on the soundscape

Selected Features

ChannelFree TM

High-quality sound in all listening situations is provided thanks to ChannelFree signal processing. Natural and accurate amplification makes communication easier.

Automatic Directionality

Connect and talk wirelessly using your SoundGate as a Bluetooth interface between your mobile phone and your hearing aids. Or use the discreet SoundGate Mic for one-to-one communication in noisy environments to understand speech more easily. Or stream the sound directly from your TV to your hearing aids using SoundGate with the TV Adapter.

Adaptive Noise Reduction Plus

For people with a severe to profound hearing loss, it is usually a special challenge to hear high-frequency sounds. Frequency Composition transfers high-frequency sound components from the source to a lower destination range. This makes it easier to hear important speech cues.

Supremia Super Power


The Super Power BTE is Bernafon�s strongest hearing aid, offering adults and children with a severe to profound hearing loss a new perspective in hearing.


Exceptionally robust and durable � the Super Power BTE is a reliable partner that meets the highest quality standards in protection against dust and moisture.


The Super Power BTE is extremely easy to operate. With the integrated volume control and the push button for changing programs, you can adapt to different listening environments without any hassle.

Get connected

The SoundGate enables you to connect and communicate anytime, and from anywhere. It connects you wirelessly to BluetoothR compatible devices such as mobile phones, navigations systems, TVs and many more. Now you can be connected to your family, friends, and colleagues all of the time.

Get connected

With the TV Adapter, listening to television has never been easier. The small and portable device transmits sound clearly from your television to your hearing aids via the SoundGate. Through the SoundGate, you can control the TV volume independently from other listeners.


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